How to Write a Cover Letter to Increase Your Chances of Getting an Interview

A cover letter is a letter of introduction that normally attaches to a resume. 17彩票官网s will send in a cover to compliment their resume and also introduce themselves to their potential employer. A well written cover letter will separate you from the “absolutely no” pile to the “let’s check out his or her resume” pile. A great cover letter that is suited for the exact position won’t guarantee you an interview but it definitely will increase your chances.

17彩票官网Composing a well organized and written cover letter is a tedious task for some but, if ignored, you could be wasting your time even applying. Some would call this a necessary evil but we like to call it another way to sell yourself.

The following is an article that will help you write an awesome cover letter. We also share 5 things to keep in mind when you write a cover letter.

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17彩票官网 Resume Tips to Land an Interview

A well thought out, organized and written resume will give you a leg up from the majority of applicants competing for the same position as you. Nowadays, HR departments are flooded with applicants seeking the same job.  Some financial analyst’s are fresh out of college while some are have decades of experience. There is no shortage of job seekers in the finance industry.  Continue reading…