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A well thought out, organized and written resume will give you a leg up from the majority of applicants competing for the same position as you. Nowadays, HR departments are flooded with applicants seeking the same job.  Some financial analyst’s are fresh out of college while some are have decades of experience. There is no shortage of job seekers in the finance industry. financial analyst resume tips

It’s important to ask yourself, “how does my resume standout from the crowd?”  “How will my resume get pulled from hundreds of other applicants?”  If you searched the term for “resume tips” you will find hundred of thousands of inquiries.  99% of the resume tips and examples are outdated which will cause your resume to be part of the “crowd.”

Resume Tips for Financial Analysts

17彩票官网We have compiled a list of resume tips for finance professionals who are looking to get to the . Below is a list that will benefit you at the first stage of getting your dream job!

  1. Have Several Versions – If you are applying for various job titles, you should have several versions of your resume catered to the specific position.
  2. Cater to “Them” – Make your resume unique to the actual company and position. I know it will take more time out of your life but you do increase your chances of getting chosen from the pool of applicants.
  3. Lose the “Objective” – The resume’s objective is outdated. Employers will skip over this, they would rather see a description of your skills and quantifiable accomplishments.
  4. Display the most Important Stuff First – Put the most critical information pertaining to the particular job first. Many managers have a day job to operate so they are busy people. They may glance at a resume. If they do, you want them to see something that might catch their eye early on.
  5. Use Keywords – Nowadays, many companies will screen your resume based on the words in your resume. Use words in your resume that are in the job description. Make sure the keywords go with the flow of your sentences or bullet points. Don’t stuff keywords just so it will get picked up. You need to sound human.
  6.  Send as a PDF first – restores the design of the resume and is print-friendly. First check to see if the application requires another format like Word.
  7. Play it Safe with the Fonts – You need to make sure that your resume looks professional, don’t use a wacky font to stand out. Our suggestion is to use Arial, Arial Narrow, Georgia or Tahoma.
  8. White Space is (kind of) Important – Your resume will look much better than most if you use all of the horizontal white space.  Don’t ignore the right side of the resume.
  9. Double check, then triple check then have someone else check – One of the worst things you can do to not get an interview is to have spelling or grammatical errors in your resume. One mistake could have your resume flying in the trash bin. We strongly encourage you to check it a couple of times then have a friend or family member check it again for accuracy and readability.
  10. Show off your tech skills – Most professional job functions are driven by technology. Use what you know in the tech space to your advantage, especially if you use a same program as the job requires or prefers.
  11. Don’t write a novel – Try to keep your resume to one page. If you need an extra page, make sure your name and contact information is noted at the top.
  12. Use Numbers – Numbers backup your accomplishments. Use quantifiable figures to make your resume that much more impressive. People love when an accomplishment is proven by a factual number. This is especially true as your handing in your resume for a 17彩票官网 position.
  13. Be You – Don’t sound like a robot. Put a little personality into your resume. There is a fine line but we like to use our personality throughout the resume then go back and tone it down a bit to sound more professional. This will enable you to transition from resume to interview flawlessly.

Resume’s in Today’s World

When composing your resume, take the time to make it unique to the job.  Remember, most applicants skip this step which will make your resume more desirable.  During the job seeking process the main question to ask yourself is, “How can I stand out from “Joe” who is more qualified than me?”  This will enable you to focus on making your resume stand out from the rest of the field who may have better credentials but are taking the lazy way out.  Also, don’t forget to take some of these tips and transfer it over to your cover letter.

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