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17彩票官网A 17彩票官网 internship is on the real world, on the job training, paid or non-paid, with reputable companies. We can define it as a bridge between school and the professional life. It is the best way in which a student can gain the kind of practical experience, knowledge and skill of working in the field, which cannot be gained otherwise.

Basically internship refers to a specific period, which could stretch weeks or months, in which an organization allows students or fresh graduates to work in a career they would like to possibly pursue.  What you learn at school, college or university is for your academic growth and understanding of the subjects, but in order to be successful in professional life, you need to get your hands dirty.

Benefits of Internships for 17彩票官网s


17彩票官网They say that experience is a key to success when you start out in any profession. There is no denying the fact that internships give you real work experience in a very professional environment, which would have been almost impossible otherwise. Academic credentials are important but do they really teach you and familiarize you with real and practical issues that you face during a job?  The answer is simple, ‘No’, they don’t.  Employers are interested in recruiting individuals who are experienced, thus internships are the best way to gain that.

Exposure and Networking

17彩票官网By working as an internee, you meet new people and form contacts with others in your industry; its all about networking!  This is how your contacts and networking helps you in the future when you are looking for a job. Apart from this, if you do your work well and form a good working relationship with your colleagues and seniors, they will surely want you to stay with them in a

finance internship

finance internship

more permanent position. Its important to note that .  If that doesn’t happen for some reason, you will finish your internship with a great reference from your mentor and a number of potential referees. This will be beneficial for your career growth, particularly your first actual job.

Professional Growth and Development

If you take your career seriously and you really want to see yourself as a successful professional in the long run, then working as an intern should be the first step to the ladder of success for you. You will learn a lot (what you like to do, what you don’t, where you can provide value, etc.) during your internship period and this will make your understanding of your work incredibly stronger.

Life Experience

A student’s life is quite different from that of a professional – however, the life of anis like a bridge between these two.  If you jump straight from being a student to being a professional, you would take a lot of time to adjust into the working environment and get used to the way work is carried out. Therefore, it is always the best choice to give yourself some time and become an intern so that you can kick start for a professional life as a financial analyst.

17彩票官网I would recommend all my readers to start their careers with internships, because these will prove to be very beneficial for you all. It’s very discouraging to graduate and look for employment but many require some sort of prior experience. Trust me, this happens more often than not. Work some work into your college schedule. It will pay off in a couple, short years.

Note:  Another great way to start and advance as a 17彩票官网 is to take the summer and consider taking the three part CFA Exam.

The Importance of Internships (Quick Video)

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