CFA Level II Exam Information and Sample Questions

17彩票官网This is the 2nd of 3 Chartered 17彩票官网 exams offered by the . Before sitting for this exam, you must have passed the Level 1 exam; you cannot proceed if you fail or didn’t take exam 1. The CFA Program is a globally recognized standard for measuring the competence and integrity of financial and investment professionals.

17彩票官网The CFA Level II exam deals mainly with asset valuation. You must be able to apply the tools & concepts emphasized in Level I to analyze and create investment valuations. In addition, you should also have a complete understanding of capital market theory and industry and company analysis.

Details of the CFA Level II Exam:

  • Time Limit: 6 hours – (2) three hour sessions
  • Cost:  Varies – see CFA exam fees page
  • # of Questions: 120 (10 sets in the morning, 10 sets in the afternoon)
  • Format: Item Sets, also known as mini-cases –
  • Prerequisite: Must have passed Level I exam successfully
  • Exam Dates: June only. See the 2017 CFA Exam schedule.
  • Pass Rate:  46% – June 2016

2017 CFA Level II Topics

17彩票官网The following are exam topics and the weights in parenthesis ();

  • Ethical & Professional Standards (10-15%)
  • Quantitative Methods (5-10%)
  • Economics (5-10%)
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis (15-20%)
  • Corporate Finance (5-15%)
  • Equity Valuation (15-25%)
  • Fixed Income (10-20%)
  • Derivative Investment (5-15%)
  • Alternative Investments (5-10%)
  • Portfolio Management (5-10%)

We wish you luck on exam II. Once passed, please move forward to CFA exam III information.

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