What Does IPO Mean?

17彩票官网What does IPO mean? In simple terms, an IPO (Initial Public Offering) is the process in which shares announced by a company is available to the public for the first time. This system is preferred because it has the support of well reputed investors who underwrite the process. One of the biggest benefits of using this process is the fact that the company sets out to release the IPO is never required to repay its investors. Not only this, but the underwriters also make sure that a certain amount of capital is raised for the company, no matter whether the shares are sold or not.

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Simple Ways to Succeed as a Finance Professional

17彩票官网Have you recently stepped into the world of finance? Or, have you been not very successful in bringing out your best financial skills to work?  Don’t sweat it, we are here to help you deal with either situation.

Generally, people believe that possessing the best mathematical or analytical skills and having good financial knowledge is the only ingredient you require to become a successful financial professional. However, the reality is quite contrary to this perception. If you really wish to excel as a financial professional, then there is much more than mere knowledge of digits and financial principles that you need to buildup in your personality.

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All You Need to Know to Get Started with the Series 7 Exam

17彩票官网Have you been planning on becoming a licensed stockbroker?  Have you also been thinking of taking ? If you just answered ‘YES’ to the above questions, read this article further to learn and understand all that you need to know about series 7 exam, which is also referred to as the ‘General Securities Representative Exam’.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Commodities

This article aims at helping all the novice financial professionals understand what commodities are. So we must begin by defining the literal meaning of commodities.  According to , the word ‘commodity’ has been defined in the following terms:

A basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other commodities of the same type. Commodities are most often used as inputs in the production of other goods or services.

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What are Penny Stocks?

Penny Stock refers to shares that are available for less than $5. These are speculative securities of very small companies. Penny stocks are usually quoted over-the-counter on the or in the Pink Sheets, and are also traded on securities exchanges, that includes foreign securities exchange, but are not listed on the national exchange as they do not meet the criterion defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States of America.

Penny stocks also include the securities of certain private companies with no active trading market.

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What are Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs?

Exchange traded funds are legal entities which are classified as open-end companies, they are also known as Unit Investment Trusts (UITs), but they differ from the traditional open-end companies and UITs:

17彩票官网ETFs do not sell to capitalists and investors directly, like other mutual fund companies and exchanges do. ETFs only issue shares in bulk or in large blocks, these blocks are called Creation Units, Creation Units may contain blocks of 50,000 shares.

Creation Units are, generally, not bought for cash. They are bought with a basket of securities that generally, reflect the ETFs portfolio. Organizations and institutions purchase Creation Units, and sell them further for a profit.

17彩票官网The institute of buying a Creation Unit splits it and sells it to individual buyers, and investors, this way the product becomes available to all those in the open market, at an affordable price.

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How to Write a Cover Letter to Increase Your Chances of Getting an Interview

A cover letter is a letter of introduction that normally attaches to a resume. 17彩票官网s will send in a cover to compliment their resume and also introduce themselves to their potential employer. A well written cover letter will separate you from the “absolutely no” pile to the “let’s check out his or her resume” pile. A great cover letter that is suited for the exact position won’t guarantee you an interview but it definitely will increase your chances.

Composing a well organized and written cover letter is a tedious task for some but, if ignored, you could be wasting your time even applying. Some would call this a necessary evil but we like to call it another way to sell yourself.

The following is an article that will help you write an awesome cover letter. We also share 5 things to keep in mind when you write a cover letter.

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Overview of the Four Financial Statements in Basic Terms

There are four important financial statements issued on behalf of a business; they summarize the business’s financial activities during a specific time or time period. The adheres to the four main financial statements; Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows and Statement of Owner’s Equity. Private companies and small businesses aren’t required to prepare financial statements but they do aid in such operations such as financing and investing.

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17彩票官网 Resume Tips to Land an Interview

A well thought out, organized and written resume will give you a leg up from the majority of applicants competing for the same position as you. Nowadays, HR departments are flooded with applicants seeking the same job.  Some financial analyst’s are fresh out of college while some are have decades of experience. There is no shortage of job seekers in the finance industry.  Continue reading…